The Cambria Title Difference

Cambria Title does whatever it takes to help you create memories that last a lifetime.

Cambria Title is a locally owned and operated, full-service closing and title agency. Established in 2012, the foundation of Cambria Title extends far beyond insurance. Our company was founded, and is owned and operated by the same family that brings you industry-leading Cambria countertops. Our customers are backed by a more than 85-year history of entrepreneurialism, integrity, quality and commitment to excellence. As a family-owned business, we understand what a home represents: Peace of mind, stability and comfort. With that, our goal is to make buying or refinancing a home as secure, easy and stress-free as possible. With an average of over 20 years of experience amongst our staff, Cambria Title prides itself on employing only those who have a passion for providing the highest level of customer service. Clients, lenders and real estate agents alike can count on our team for a transaction like no other; we’re here to serve you, ease your concerns, answer your questions and provide a memorable experience for all involved. 

Cambria Title meets clients where they are.
We offer flexible location options for all refinance closings… Whether you prefer closing from the comfort of your own home, nearby park, coffee shop or parking lot… We’ll meet you where you are. 

Cambria Title creates a memorable experience.
We’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure every client receives an experience like no other. Realtors are encouraged to let us know what could make their client’s closing extra special. We’ll make it happen!

Cambria Title is committed to diversity, equity & inclusion.
We believe in demonstrating our committment to an inclusive space through our words and actions. We want anyone we come across to feel included, valued and heard.

The more communication the better.
At Cambria Title we believe in over communication. Our clients and business partners never feel out of the loop or insecure about their transaction. They know what to expect each step of the way!

Cambria Title is here for you.
We are a local, MN based company with your best interest in mind. When you call, you can expect to speak to a live person who can provide the answers you need right away. 

The employees of Cambria Title average more than 20 years of experience.
You can trust our team; we truly know the ins and outs of this business. We’ve seen it all and we are prepared to provide the best guidance.


Kristi Stout

Vice President Cambria Title

Office: 952-486-6147
Cell: 612-743-5734

Kirk Anderson

Title Operations Manager

Office: 952-486-6141
Cell: 612-750-1423

John Selle

Sales Executive

Office: 952-486-6155
Cell: 612-269-2414

Products & Services

Cambria Title is a full service closing & title agency; we’re proud to offer an extensive suite of products & services to clients, lenders, real estate agents and builders.

Complete Residential Closing Services

We’ll be there to help when it’s time to sign the final papers for Purchase Closings, Refinance Mortgage Closings, Reverse Mortgage Closings and Second Mortgage Closings. We will close your transaction at a time and place convenient to you. How do you get started? Just ask your real estate agent or lender to order your title and closing services from Cambria Title.

Title Insurance

Lenders Title Insurance Policy
If you are purchasing a property with financing most lenders will require you to purchase a lenders title insurance policy. A lender’s title insurance policy protects the lenders stake in the property – not yours.

Owner’s Title Insurance Policy
To protect your interests in a property you should consider purchasing an owner’s policy. Owner’s title insurance is purchased with a one-time premium payment paid at closing and it provides you protection for as long as you or your heirs have an interest in the property. Before a policy is issued, a title search is completed. This involves verifying the seller’s right to sell the property. This process aims to alert everyone to any problems with the title that need to be addressed prior to the closing. But sometimes even the most thorough search fails to uncover something. Some common examples of hidden risks covered by title insurance include:

  • Undisclosed liens
  • Unmarketability of your title
  • Someone claiming an ownership interest in your title
  • Fraud

Cambria Title is pleased to offer the ALTA Enhanced Homeowners Policy. The enhanced homeowner’s policy covers everything in the standard owner’s policy and much more. The homeowner’s policy offers expanded coverages for a total of 32 covered risks. Some of these include:

  • Zoning violations
  • Improvements that encroach into an easement
  • Lack of legal vehicular and pedestrian access
  • Subdivision law violations

If you are purchasing a property, call Cambria Title and ask about the benefits of an owner’s policy.


  • Property Reports/Owner’s & Encumbrance Report: This short 2-to 3-page report provides ownership, legal description, mortgage/lien and tax information about a property. This is a non-insured report. The information in the report is obtained from the county records.

  • Legal & Vesting Reports: This non-insured report provides current ownership information as well as the legal description of the property.

Document Preparation

Cambria Title is able to prepare a wide variety of documents relating to the closing process.

Recording Services

After closing, Cambria Title will promptly forward all legal documents to the appropriate jurisdiction and ensure that they are properly recorded.

Miscellaneous Products

  • Assessment Searches
  • Plat Drawings
  • Flood Certifications
  • Tax Certifications
  • Notary Services
  • Document Retrieval